Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bonkers Brown and Conniving Cameron

I can't bear to watch Bonkers Brown make an idiot of himself at the Labour Party conference today, however I would still trust him before Conniving Cameron any day of the week. The labour government have done all kinds of idiotic things over the last 10 or so years and even some evil things - the most evil of all being to invade Iraq. The labour government has done nothing to reduce the absurd amount of bureaucracy that I as a small business owner have to deal with, and the tax system is so complicated that no one can be really sure what a lot of it means without a court ruling. Political correctness hasn't just gone mad, its gone completely insane - for example a failure to distinguish between attacking someone's race (which is obviously abhorrent) and attacking people's beliefs (which is the foundation of freedom of speech). As usual, I will be voting Green in the general election (somebody's got to), but I will be hoping beyond hope that somehow the British people manage to see thru Cameron's PR machine. I sadly doubt we will... As a country that can't see the absurdity of having a foreign monarch as our head of state, what chance do we have?

The thing I find objectionable about Cameron is the pontificating. The same pontificating has been coming from other senior tories all this week. There seems to be a mood in the country that wants to replace the Brown government, and in our resignation that the only viable alternative is Cameron, sickening as this is, people will vote for him.