Monday, February 11, 2008

Big Monarchy

The NRR campaign for the UK royal family to be elected via a Big Brother style reality TV show, has been upped a gear by means of the "Big Monarchy" Facebook group. See Big Monarchy facebook group.

Here is some of my discussion in which I have tried to encourage people to join the Big Monarchy group.

It for just the reasons that Mark is stating, that I am recommending a retention of all the current institutions of monarchy, but having the people fulfilling the roles of being King, Queen, etcetera, etcetera be elected for a 3 year term via a reality TV show.

We could keep every single facet of that "ancient institution", and turn it into something that is democratic. The family occupying the palaces get voted for to serve a three year term. That is why I am advocating a "Big Monarchy" - that is to say a monarchy that is drawn from the contribution of all the people of our country.

Well it started out with the term being 5 years, and then a discussion amongst the Big Monarchy group members we decided that 3 years would be as much as most families would be able to comfortably cope with.

Although it hasn't been explicitly stated in the Big Monarchy group, I think everyone has been assuming that once a family has been the royal family for a term, they don't get to have another go... so there is no politics or re-election coming in to it.

The idea of the choosing the family via a Big Brother style reality TV show, is that having had your every move scrutinised by the public for the 15 weeks of the elimination competition, and prior to that having gotten your family on to the short list in the first place, the chosen family is as good a choice as any that we are likely to get to represent us at fetes and opening hospitals, and all the other things they do.

Ok, fair dues. It is a bit absurd. But less so than the current situation, I think. Also very future, very now, very forward. ;-) I think its got to be a step in the right direction.

Like when the berlin wall came down, before it happened no one would have predicted. Now its "well of course", and we all take it for granted.

Anyway, as a proud englishman, I would prefer to be known around the world as the country that made people laugh, than as the country who dropped bombs on their children, stole their natural resources, cast their people into slavery, subjected them to ridiculous religions, is wonderfully good at thinking up games that it's people have no natural ability at, who can't loose a sports fixture without having a tantrum, and who can't have a drink in the evening without having to behave like five-year olds.

Now if there's anyone left in UK that I didn't just offend, are you with me!